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Ellie lost everything in one night. How could a camping trip with her family turn out so tragic? She goes from having a family to having none all in one night. Injured, traumatized and confused, she finds herself in a house full of werewolves. The alpha explains to her that on the next full moon she will be one of the monsters who took her family from her. With the help of Simon, she survives her first change and grows to love being a wolf. A desperate alpha in Georgia requires her and Simons help to put a stop to some rogue wolves and find some missing girls. Will the two be able to save the girls in time and end the nightmare happening in Georgia or will they lose everything including themselves???

Simon has always been alone, he doesnt need a mate by his side, or so he thought until he meets the very strong and very brave Ellie. He is amazed by the pure fact she had survived a rogue werewolf attack. That terrible night for her had shown him how brave and strong she really is. When she comes to him and asks for help in surviving her first shift he feels pride in knowing she had chosen him to help aid her. As they grow closer together he soon learns his life will never be complete without her in it. With the problems in Georgia surrounding them, will he be able to keep her safe and alive or will Ellie slip through his fingers???

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