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I don’t sit a desk in a room. Though i might would like that. Instead I am either on the couch writing, or on my bed writing. I begin my writing after I have gotten myself ready for the day, after my girls are fed and dressed, after my fur babies have been cared for and after homeschooling. I have to juggle everything everyday to make time for writing. My hubby is out of the picture currently because he is serving his country and is deployed. So I am single parent until he returns which is in October and me and my girls are super excited to have him come home. Anyways, I am either listening to music, listening to my girls fight or listening to The Walking Dead playing in the background while I write. Lol, kind of erratic I know but it works for me. I also don’t plan my books out. I start writing and let the words flow out of me. It always seems to work best that way 🖤🖤

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