Released on February 12, 2019

Appalachian Huntress (A Huntress Novel)

Read below for a sneak peak:

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Harley is a mountain lion shifter, from the Appalachian Mountains in Northern North Carolina and she has always been used to being on her own and she likes it that way until the sexy injured Alpha of a nearby werewolf pack named Blake appears on her doorstep.

Harley and Blake find comfort in each others arms. Together they stir up erotic emotions that they have never felt before…

“Where shall we move this conversation to? Your bed, the couch, or the stream?” I kissed her forcefully. I wanted her so much that I ached for her.

She answered breathlessly, “I think the couch is the closest.”

“The couch it is.” I kicked open her door and carried her to the couch. I sat her down gently and began stripping her shirt from her body. I wanted to kiss every part of her. “You’re so beautiful.” I whispered.

She helped me out of my shirt and pants, and once we were both naked we began kissing each other with possessiveness. We were both breathing heavy when we pulled apart. She climbed into my lap, straddling me with my shaft nestled between her legs. I wanted to take things slower, to explore her body, but she wasn’t having that. She grasped my shaft in her hands and gently eased it into her hot wet core. We both moaned out with pleasure as it slid deep inside her.

With the battle that lies ahead will they have a future together or will they forever be ripped apart???

Find out soon when Appalachian Huntress is released!!!

Follow the link below to order Appalachian Huntress and remember to always leave a review if you can. Thank you bunches and I hope you enjoy Harley and Blake’s story of love, and war.

COMING SOON: Accidental Huntress

Book 2 of The Huntress Series

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