To read list

This is the first book on my list if books to read. I will add a new book to my list daily.

It is set in a post apocalyptic world. Its a dystopian novel similar to The Hunger Games and comes highly recommended by The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins so I am definitely going to be reading this book soon. 🙂

My little visitor

Look at the little visitor I had today. This baby came into the house when I opened the front door. A lizard is believed to be goodluck when it comes into your home and it also represents life, and rebirth. Perfect little visitor for Mabon.

(Look at his little feet)

Spotlight Post featuring The Hippy Witch Shop

For my first spotlight post, I would like to introduce Victoria Douglas. She is the owner and founder of “The Hippy Witch”. Personally what I love about Victoria is she is very creative and also very down to earth which you can see with each of her creations. She wanted me to share with you guys her new creations which is “Aroma Bracelets”

Victoria says that she loves making these especially because the lava beads hold in any essential oil that you may want to use but she also loves making them because the essential oils themselves can help relieve anxiety and many other ailments someone may have. Also the power of the stones that she uses with the Lava Beads also hold their own unique energy. In picture one where the bracelet is mostly blue with with 2 blackish beads, that bracelet is made of Turquoise and Blue Tigers Eye. Now in the second picture we have a bracelet that is mostly made of Lava Beads but also has a few of the Turquoise Beads on it as well.

Turquoise Healing Properties: Purification, Serenity, Protection, Wisdom, Balance, Strength, Friendship, Love, Positive Thinking, and Sensitivity.

It is a purification stone and dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect ones self. It is a very excellent stone for depression and helps instill calmness.

Blue Tigers Eye: Is a great stone that aids in reducing stress and increasing calmness and it also reduces anxiety.

If you want to look at more of her creations then please check her out on The Hippy Witch Shop on facebook.



Let’s talk video games

I am a heavy gamer in my spare time as well. My favorite system is the ps4. One 9f my top games that I play is Fall Out 76. Its an awesome game to play online. All the monsters you encounter are fierce and some can even scare the beejesus out of you. Lol. I play it with my good friend Colt-Assasin. (His gamer tag of course minus a few numbers)

My favorite books

Here are my top 10 books/book series:

1. The Hunger Games Series by: Suzanne Collins

2. Harry Potter Series by: J.K Rolling

3. Divergent Series by: Veronica Roth

4. Sookie Stackhouse Series by: Charlaine Harris

5. Brides of the Kindred Series by: Evangeline Anderson

6. Blood and Chocolate by: Annette Curtis-Klause

7. Twilight Series by: Stephenie Meyer

8. Midnight Sun (Even though it’s considered apart of the Twilight series, its definitely my favorite because of getting to know Edward on a more personal level.)

9. The Shifters Series by: Rachel Vincent

10. Cirque Du Freak series by: Darren Shan


A few times a week, I plan to do a spotlight post. It will be where I will post something someone makes and their pic. I will have a brief paragraph about them and their creation. 🖤

Intention Candles

I love all things witchy and have been making Intention candles. I told you, I am very crafty. Lol. Anyways I use soy wax, different appealing scents, and candle dye. I add in some crystals and herbs and voila you have a Intention candle.

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